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Are you a parent too? Are you wondering how to host the perfect kids party for your child's upcoming birthday? So, before you go heading on to searching for 'birthday party places near me' up on Google, why not take a look at an unconventional yet exciting way to host a kids birthday party. Almost every other birthday party that is hosted these days is mostly one held in a big and fancy restaurant. Why not go out of the way to make your kid's birthday party special? Why not plan a unique surprise birthday party for your kid?

Today, almost every other kid is a game fanatic and they love to play games from quite an early age. In this era of technological advancement, this new generation of kids is the most tech-savvy. They know and can expertly handle technology at its best. So what better a way to plan a kids party for your child's next birthday than to host it in a mystery room? There are quite many escape rooms that have sprung up in recent years and are known to be quite suitable party places.

Stuck in a time, where kids spend a sign...