These 30 free items for the first car maintenance

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These 30 free items for the first car maintenance

from shangche001 on 05/04/2021 05:43 AM

With the continuous development of the times, more and more families have transported cars. As the saying goes: three-point maintenance and seven-point maintenance, the knowledge of the later maintenance of the car is also a university question; in fact, the first maintenance of the car is free. For these 30 items, novice drivers should not be pitted! This article will briefly share this knowledge:


There are 30 free items for the first car maintenance: wiper system, lighting system, front brake pad, rear brake pad, front brake disc, rear brake disc, oil, engine filter, oil filter element, air filter element, air conditioning filter element, spark plug, Gearbox oil, brake oil, antifreeze, booster oil, battery, gasoline filter, shock absorber, belt, lower limb arm, steering gear, steering gear lever, balance lever lever, tire, tire pressure, oil leakage inspection, car paint, Glass, horn and road test inspection.

The first maintenance of a car is the first time the car returns to the 4S shop for maintenance after a period of running-in. This first maintenance time varies according to the model, usually 3 to 5 months, and the mileage is generally 3000 to 5000 Km, the first maintenance of most brands is required to be done in the car 4S shop. After all, after a period of operation of the new car, the manufacturer has to collect various driving data from the owner for the model to be improved afterwards; such as brake pads and brakes The degree of wear of the disc or the degree of wear of the tire.

Among the 30 items, the more important ones are the engine oil and engine filter. Changing the engine oil engine filter is also called minor maintenance. It is a routine item that needs to be maintained every 5000 kilometers or half a year; engine oil has the effect of lubricating and cooling the engine. To ensure the normal operation of the engine; and the function of the machine filter is to ensure that the oil entering the engine pipeline is clean, which is a filter; the first maintenance of the car is to replace the original oil filter, which is to check the original performance of the car Important performance indicators.

Of course, in addition to the more important oil and machine filter, the other 28 items are also necessary. Although the probability of their problems is small, they still need to be checked for the first maintenance to save data for subsequent car maintenance.

[Summary of this article] There are only 30 free items for car maintenance for the first time. Novice drivers should not be fooled! Among the 30 items, the more important ones are dfsk oil and filter.


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